My name is Sean Cheben, and I’d be honored to receive your vote to be your next Houston ISD Trustee, District V. As a Houston native, a husband, and a public school graduate, I’m committed to ensuring that each and every young Houstonian receives a stellar public education, graduating from HISD with the skills to thrive in and adapt to an ever-changing world. As a Chemical Engineer and Project Manager, I understand that top-tier performance doesn’t just happen – it requires hard work, attention to detail, data-driven decision making, and a willingness to make tough decisions for the sake of our kids. As a fiscal conservative and Eagle Scout, you can trust me to remember to do all this while living within our budgetary means.

Focus HISD’s Spending on Learning: Houston ISD’s budget is a mess. The district’s inability to make tough choices combined with recapture has led to stagnant teacher salaries, a $107 million budget deficit, and unacceptable student outcomes. The Board and the Superintendent should immediately begin a line-by-line budget review to root out programs and central departments that don’t improve student outcomes and redirect funding to teachers and students where it matters most – the classroom.

Prepare our Kids for the Careers of the Future: With technology advancing every day, we can hardly imagine how different the world (and job market) will be when today’s elementary students become tomorrow’s workforce. We must prepare Houston’s kids for the careers of the future through a renewed emphasis on literacy, STEM fluency (including computer science), creativity and critical thinking, and providing vocational pathways for those who chose to start their careers immediately after high-school graduation.

Foster Houston’s Culture of Volunteerism: Houston loves its schools! As a volunteer fifth grade math tutor, I see the impact of HISD’s volunteers every time I visit my neighborhood school. The district is doing great work in this space, but further steps should be taken to strengthen this culture of volunteerism with teachers, students, parents, and the broader community.

Houston’s future has never been brighter, our potential never higher. Our city’s growing population, dynamic and diverse economy, and diverse culture leave us well positioned to be the 21st century’s “shining city on a hill.” We must act now to ensure that Houston’s kids are prepared for that opportunity with the best possible public education. I ask for your support and your vote.


Sean Cheben

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